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Own Eye Magnifier



  • Special eyelash tweezers
  • 4 LED lights incl. batteries
  • 1 Eye Domination shield
  • Lens cover
  • Lens cloth
  • Enclosed in a quality Zip travel carry bag


 The Eye Care Magnifier Mirror. 


Dedicated to making your Eye Care easier.


About us


Just a little of "our story"......

Over the past thirty years, our Product Developer, Roy Righini, has been developing new and innovative products. Roy has a background in light mechanical engineering draughting in the UK.  Over the years, Roy watched his wife, Margaret, tolerate the pain of ingrowing eyelashes. With poor eyesight, she could not see the problem ingrown eyelashes herself in order to remove them, especially with her glasses off!

Nothing was available to solve this problem of trichaisis, apart from very frequent visits to the Optician or Eye Specialist. No procedures offered a permanent solution. 


After many years of experimenting with a variety of types of lenses, and coming up with the original workable lens, Roy eventually brought in a lens expert to further develop and refine specific purpose lenses. The result now is the ingenious and revolutionary Own Eye TM  Magnifier, using  the specially developed very powerful mirror lens. Nothing to equal it is available elsewhere in the market place. This Eye Care Magnifier is a simple to use device, enabling you to see your own eyes crystal clear, close up and greatly magnified, without your glasses on or contact lenses!


   * Note Own Eye TM Magnifier does not replace your glasses or contact lenses.


Development began several years ago but did not come without problems, as is typical with unique innovative design.  Over time, each prototype improved and became smaller, neater and more powerful.

For example, a problem solved, was to develop bright lighting that did not shine directly into the eyes because that could damage the eye and would be unsafe. Across the eyes lighting was developed, which is bright, SAFE and effective, using battery powered LED lighting. 


During development of this unique Eye Care Magnifier, Roy discovered that ingrowing eyelash problems were not that uncommon, and is continuing to find other eye health care uses for this instrument.

The Own Eye Magnifier turns out to have multiple applications beyond the original purpose for which it was devised.


People of all ages with poor vision and those with normal vision can all benefit from Own Eye Magnifier.Contact Lens users often struggle with insertion and removal. First Aid for eyes, e.g. grit removal; application of eye drops, eye medications, often difficult to attend to yourself are all eye care problems that can benefit from this marvellous instrument.


 Young and older women who desire professional looking eye makeup can now achieve this by using the Universal Own Eye Magnifier.


For the first time there is an answer: the revolutionary, unique Own Eye Magnifying mirror, a valuable accessory for your home or workplace First Aid box.


 Margaret says "The Own Eye Magnifier was originally designed for me by my Husband, Roy who used to watch me constantly struggle to remove my ingrown eyelashes. I have, for many years had chronic Trichiasis (the fancy name for Ingrown Eyelashes), which was getting progressively worse with age. 

It was a hard task... I wanted to see my own eyes clearly WITHOUT my glasses on, as they only got in the way, and my already poor vision was getting worse, but the Ingrown Eyelashes were increasing.

Not being able to see anything at all without my glasses, as I can't focus clearly, the magnifying makeup mirrors available on the market were useless to me because they were simply not powerful enough, and the lighting was NOT in the right place. With my glasses on (so that I could see), I found the glasses were obstructing access to my eyes.

It was impossible to get behind the glasses to remove my troublesome eyelashes. Getting in to see a Specialist was often a long process and I needed those offending eyelashes out right away, as it was very painful!  Sore Eyes have always been a problem for me, as I also have Blepharitis, Allergy Eyes and Dry Eyes....lots of common Eye Problems.

   During the development stage another problem encountered was not being able to see clearly due to insufficient and inadequate lighting, so Roy had to develop special lighting which was bright BUT very safe.  I love the "across the eyes" lighting that Roy came up with as it means I can now see all areas of my eyes WITHOUT WEARING MY GLASSES. 

 If I don't remove my troublesome lashes they will damage my eyes permanently, so Roy’s invention has really saved my eyesight.

 What a wonderful thing it is to be able to see my eyes in such detail! Even tiny white Eyelashes are clearly visible now. Best part is I can remove those troublesome Eyelashes anytime and anywhere, day or night.  I now use my Own Eye Magnifier almost every day to remove or check for Ingrown Eyelashes, it is brilliant and I can't manage without it! Being in control of my own eyelashes is SO liberating! 

We didn't realise that it had so many applications and NOT ONLY for people with poor vision." Margaret Righini



Roy Righini with Own Eye TM Magnifier appeared on ABC's very popular program "The New Inventors".

   Own Eye Magnifier won the People's Choice Award and the judges also gave it wonderful accolades, the ABC's phones went wild!                

Hundreds of people  World wide are now being helped by the Universal Own Eye TM Magnifier,  with many phone calls and emails from grateful men and women of all ages.

Our testimonials speak for themselves. They are all genuine and people are truly grateful for the freedom Own Eye Magnifier allows. Some customers have said it allows them to feel free to travel again. They stopped travelling fearing they would not be able find anyone reliable to remove their problem eyelashes for them. Unless you have the problem, you don't relaise the extent to which it affects your life. 

 Go to our Testimonial page to read them.    Any questions ? Please CONTACT US.

              Original Concept and design by Roy Righini  

                                  Sole Manufacturer Worldwide.


Initial Lens by Darryl Brown. Australia's Quality Precision Lens Supplier.


                                  © Copyright Own Eye Magnifier 2017

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