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Own Eye Magnifier



  • Special eyelash tweezers
  • 4 LED lights incl. batteries
  • 1 Eye Domination shield
  • Lens cover
  • Lens cloth
  • Enclosed in a quality Zip travel carry bag


 The Eye Care Magnifier Mirror


Introducing the latest, innovative Own Eye Magnifier Mirror with an improved lens and safe bright lighting which rotates 360 degrees and swivels so that all areas of the eye are clearly visible.

This instrument can be used for all of your eye care needs.

Photo shows the approximate view size seen in the Universal Own Eye Magnifier Mirror but this is a digital photo so not as detailed or has as much clarity as the amazing lens we use. Individual eyelashes are clearly visible even fine white ones.


The latest Universal Own Eye Magnifier has a very powerful magnification lens that now suits most people’s eyes and needs. The large, magnified and astoundingly detailed view of your eye is ideal for a variety of eye problems. It is perfect for Trichaisis/ ingrown eyelash removal, contact lens positioning and eye first aid plus more uses.

Dr Randall Thomas & Dr Ron Melton, the leading Eye Disease Specialists in USA now promote the Own Eye Magnifier at all of their conferences Worldwide. They are so impressed with the clarity and magnification of the Magnifier and its low cost.



can now be removed by you WHEN & WHERE needed, no more waiting  days or weeks in pain for an appointment to see your eye professional!

INSTANT relief from Trichaisis is now possible.....don't suffer needlessly. Trichaisis/ Ingrown Eyelashes is not only frustrating but is painful. 

When you can see your Eyelashes greatly magnified, it is SAFE to remove them yourself, providing you don't have shaky hands.

Your Eye and Eyelashes look huge!

It is safe using tweezers IF you can see what you are doing! Tweezers that we provide have safely modified rounded ends to ensure your safety.

Your eye is greatly magnified so you can now see clearly to remove even tiny fine white ingrowing eyelashes BUT remember that your choice of tweezers is very important too. Tweezers must have excellent tips to be able to grasp a fine ingrown eyelash. The eyelash tweezers we provide are specially modified for ingrown eyelash removal.

  • An Eye Specialist could charge $90 a visit (mine did) so 3 visits saved and you’ve paid for the Own Eye Magnifier! Often you get home, only to find an ingrown eyelash was missed and that is so annoying!
  • If not removed, even one ingrown eyelash can scratch the cornea and damage your eyes.
  • Less inconvenience of travelling to those appointments wasting time & money, now you can remove your own eyelashes. Eg. If you only travel just 10 kilometres each way & wait up to 1 hour per visit multiplied by how many visits a year, just what does that add up to over a year? Some of our customers were driving almost 200 kms each way to have eyelashes removed.
  • If you are overseas or on holidays and you are troubled by an Ingrowing Eyelash ….who do you see? If you have the Own Eye Magnifier with you, then you can do it yourself which is a much safer option! How convenient is that?

Make sure you seek medical advice for any eye health concerns.



Contact Lenses are often difficult to insert, but if you can see what you are doing it is a much easier, quicker and less frustrating task.

Do you struggle with your contact lenses? Take the hassle and frustration out of Contact Lenses.

HELP is available! 

You CAN insert them quickly and accurately every time with a little help from this fabulous instrument.

Why waste the money you've already spent on your Contact Lenses, by putting them in a drawer (or worse still) ...throwing them a way because you are frustrated trying to insert them correctly? Help is available!

To insert or remove Contact Lenses can be really difficult when you are new to using them. It is easy to get the lenses upside down or inside out.

That tiny dot (to show the correct direction of the lens) is almost impossible to see if you have poor eyesight! If you place the contact lens on your fingertip and hold it towards the Own Eye Magnifying Mirror, you can easily see that tiny dot! Magic!

Already Opticians and Optometrists and Ophthalmologists in Australia and overseas are recommending this instrument. It works as a tuition aid for new Contact Lens users.



Eye Makeup application can be a challenge when your eyesight is not good.

Have you stopped wearing eye make-up (especially eyeliner) because you can’t see well enough to do it?

Glasses inevitably get in the way, yet you can NOT see without them BUT Own Eye Magnifier changes all of that.

The latest Own Eye Magnifier Mirror helps you to apply eyeliner or use mascara with precision. You can also see to apply your false eyelashes.

Remember that eye contact is one of our most important connections with others People DO look at your eyes.


Applying Eye Medication to your own eyes is not always easy to do.

If you can't see well enough, you may not apply the Eye ointment or Eye drops correctly. Don't waste your medication, apply it accurately with Own Eye Magnifier, which helps make your eye care manageable. 


Eye First Aid is essential at home and your work place.It is now easy to see your own eye clearly with this portable, lightweight and compact instrument.

Take it anywhere, overseas, on holiday, even remote places,making it so convienient for all your family eye care.

No electricity is required as the twin LED lights use long life batteries.

How much time could you save if you were able to see for yourself if your eye injury requires medical attention? Imagine being able to see to remove that foreign body from your own eye if appropriate?

The convenience of being able to see to attend to your eye yourself, IF at all possible, is just so valuable but please don't take risks. Your eyesight IS precious.

Make sure you seek medical advice from your Eye Professional for any eye injury or eye health concerns.


Cosmetic Eye Surgery is a big step, so what if you could see your eyes before surgery to decide if you really DO need it? Saving you money perhaps?

* After a procedure, even if your eyes are puffy, you need to be able to see your eyelids well enough to care for them after surgery.

You can see really close up with the Own Eye Magnifier to take care of those surgery wounds so they heal well, to minimise scars.

There is an answer to all of these Eye Care Health concerns!

* If you have any Eye Care problems, this is one indispensable instrument that is perfect for you!

* It pays for itself in no time.

* Now with Complimentary accessories including special eyelash tweezers, at no cost.


Customers tell us that they really love the Own Eye Magnifier it has become their most trusted and indispensible possession.  They say "I have never seen my eyes this close up before".


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