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Own Eye Magnifier



  • Special eyelash tweezers
  • 4 LED lights incl. batteries
  • 1 Eye Domination shield
  • Lens cover
  • Lens cloth
  • Enclosed in a quality Zip travel carry bag


                The Eye Care Magnifier Mirror.             

   Dedicated to making all your eye care easier.   








       ** We are OUT of STOCK of Own Eye Magnifiers

** We are NO longer producing them.


We do still have limited numbers of LED lights. 



Please note that all prices are in Australian Dollars.


The Universal Own Eye TM Magnifier Mirror, we believe, has the most powerful magnifying mirror lens available on the market today. The superior lens is of precision optical quality, ensuring that you have the highest quality instrument.


 ** The photo below is digital therefore not as crystal clear or as detailed as the image you see in the Universal Own Eye TM Magnifier Mirror. It is only a guide to the approximate size of the eye image seen in the mirror lens, depending on your eyesight. The view is MUCH more defined with every eyelash and detail of the eye seen clearly, an ideal eye care aid for most eye problems.


  You see much more detail in this mirror lens than with your glasses on!


 Universal Own Eye Magnifier Mirror OEM-U

PLEASE NOTE:   Due to illness we are UNABLE to fill orders quickly.

Roy had OPEN HEART surgery 26th May but is OK, though his healing will be a long process. 

Update: August, Roy continues to recover but it will be a long recovery with lung complications. His lung collapsed and it has been drained several times.

He is at home so progress is happening.  

We apologise for any inconvenience. 

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 The improved Universal Own Eye Magnifier Mirror is a best seller.


An eye care aid that is suitable for a wide range of eye care problems.


Eye Care Health concerns:-


*       Removal of Ingrown Eyelashes / Trichiasis.


*        Insert or remove Contact Lenses quickly and easily with accuracy.


*   Tuition aid for new Contact Lens usersGain skill and confidence.


*      Eye Makeup Application, especially good for applying eyeliner or false eyelashes.


*       Eye MedicationInserting Eye Dropsapplying Eye Ointments.


*      Eye First Aid, even in remote situations.


*     Pre and post eye examination after cosmetic surgery.


*     Very close up Eye examination. eg. Skin around eye analysis. 



Prices and weights of Product.


Universal Own Eye Magnifier


                           A proudly Australian made product.  


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OEM-U Universal Magnifier 


     = Aust $250.00 no tax




Weight = 500 grams no accessories approximately

             = 900 grams approximately packed and including accessories

Height  = 240mm or 9 1/2"   


Complimentary Accessories now  included  at no cost to you:


* Travel Bag, * Dominant Eye shield, * lens cloth & cap, *extra batteries and * 2  LED lights included plus 2 extra LED lights all containing batteries.

 * Eyelash tweezers, with safe rounded ends especially modified to be super effective.



        Used for: 




Ingrown eyelash removal. Insert / remove Contact lens. Eye Makeup   




Close up eye examination.  Eye Medication or First Aid. 


 NOTE: Special Eyelash Tweezers are now included with every Own Eye Magnifier.

The right tweezers makes eyelash removal much easier. 

Our Tweezers really work, grasping even tiny fine eyelashes.

Specially rounded ends ensure safety. 

Removing your own Ingrown eyelashes is now SO easy, providing you have steady hands.






Spares  available 4 LED's plus 12 batteries = $40 Aud including postage.


Spares 4 LED lights plus batteries 

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